How to take part:

Guess the correct weight of the cauldron plus its contents.

Come back to this page at least once a day so you don’t miss any clues about the contents of the cauldron.

You can get additional clues if you invite 3 of your friends.

Double double toil and trouble, what waits inside the cauldron bubble…

For our newest Fun Month, you will need to guess the weight of our mystery cauldron!

As the scariest time of the year approaches, we want you to guess how much our mystery cauldron weighs! Guess the correct weight in grams for a chance to win one of our ghoulishly good cash vouchers!

Warning, this cauldron is filled with a lot of different mysterious things…
But do not worry, we will be sharing 15 clues throughout the event.
When a new clue is posted, the previous one will disappear.
Clues will be posted randomly so make sure to come back to this page as often as needed!

You have until October 31st at midnight to guess the weight of this cauldron.
You can change/update your guess until midnight October 31st.
Careful: only the last weight you submit will be considered.

Clue #10
My Guess:

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The 10 people closest to the correct weight will be rewarded with the following prizes:

1st place - £150
2nd place - £50
3rd to 10th place - £10
You can receive your prize as a bank cheque, Amazon voucher, bank transfer or PayPal payment.

If amongst the first places we have identical weights, we will proceed with a draw amongst the identical weights.

The winners will be announced on Monday 1st November!